Foam Parties

Foam Parties are Wet & Wild FUN!

Foam party celebration in Los Angeles - foam machine rental party Fun for ALL ages, new and exciting, have a party that nobody else has ever had! Have a foam party in your own backyard! Our special foam formula doesn’t harm grass or clothing. Our foam parties are guaranteed to produce foam for 90 Min of fun for $379 and each additional hour is $150. You might think foam is made from soap and water, so you are going to get cold, wet, and sticky. BUZZ! Wrong answer!! Although your clothes will get damp, you will not feel cold when you are in the foam, it will keep you warm. The solution used in our foam machines is 100% Naturally Organic making it 100% safe for you, your guests and the planet. Los Angeles foam machine at a party. Foam machine rental party in picture

Bubbling fun in yards of foam; a backyard party they’re sure to remember.

We Set Up – We Clean Up – You RELAX! 
Our Foam parties are no hassle. Simply reserve your Foam Machine today. We’ll bring the equipment. Set it up and then be back at the end of your party to pick it all back up.

Having a community event or festival and need to cover a much bigger area? Reserve our Foam Machine!

Outdoor party event foam party rental in Los AngelesThere are a variety of locations that can work including grassy yards, parking lots, patios, sports courts, sandy areas, or poolside.

Rules for Safety

While promoting your foam party and getting the word out, include safety information. Tell guests to leave electronic devices and cell phones at the door or in their cars. Advise party-goers that games such as “slip and slide” are not permitted because of potential collision and injury. While you might not implement a dress code, you may want to recommend that your guests wear protective footwear. Guests will likely get their feet stepped on so flip-flops are not an ideal choice. Don’t allow sliding and skidding.

While it is certainly tempting to have a quick slide or skid on the slippery floor, this can lead to collisions and neck or back injuries. For some reason guys also often feel the need to pick up the girls or even their own friends, but this could also be risky if the person doing the carrying slips and falls.

To play it safe, put some rules in place to prevent people from getting too wild and purposely skidding on the floor or trying out other stunts.

Use plastic cups and plates. Because foam parties tend to get a little bit more rowdy than regular parties, it is not a good idea to use glass cups or plates that can shatter and leave sharp pieces on the floor. The foam will cover the evidence of a broken glass, which could cause others to cut their feet or ankles.

Required for Setup:

  • Minimum space:  50L x 50W
  • Electrical outlet(s): 1 (Generators are required for Park/Field setups.)
  • Water Outlet: 1 spigot with standard water pressure (40-45psi) within 50ft.
  • Attendant(s): 1
  • Surface: Cannot be set up on dirt, rocks, sand or within 10ft of in ground pools.
  • Beach balls, Balloons, Pool Noodles, Music, Glow items, are just a few of the items you an add on to make your party unforgettable!

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