Video Game Truck, Laser Tag Parties and Water Tag Parties in Los Angeles

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  • The BEST Mobile Party Entertainment in Los Angeles...It's the party that COMES to YOU!
  • The Ultimate Los Angeles Video Game Truck is Here...Totally Rad Video Games!
  • We've got the BEST Laser Tag in Los Angeles, too!Our High-Tech Laser Tag System puts you on the Battlefield!
  • The FIRST and ONLY Los Angeles game truck with Oculus Rift!This Virtual Reality Gaming will Blow You Away!
  • Our PS4 Virtual Reality Racing Simulator is AWESOME!Get behind the wheel and into the race!
  • 32 Feet of Climate-Controlled, Self-Powered Luxury that comes to you!Book your Totally Rad Video Games party today!

Video Game Truck, Laser Tag Parties & Water Tag Parties in Los Angeles

A Video Game Truck unlike all the others…
There are a lot of video game trucks in Los Angeles.  They all offer video games in a trailer, van or bus that comes to birthday parties, corporate events, promotions and the like…but that’s where the similarities end.
Yes, we’ve got Fortnite!
Add Fortnite to your video game party for just $50! (Must have a high-speed connection within 300′ of our game truck. We connect by ethernet cable to your modem/router, or your high-speed wireless hotspot if remote location.) Add during booking!

High-Tech Laser Tag that comes right to you!
Don’t just have a Laser Tag Party…have the BEST laser tag party in Los Angeles!  Our Battle Rifle Pro© Laser Taggers offer unbelievable accuracy day or night, and the most features available! Realistic combat sounds, individual scoring, and much more! Click here to see more about Totally Rad Laser Tag!

Los Angeles’ most amazing Water Tag Party!
When it comes to birthday party fun, “make a splash” and book a Totally Rad Water Tag Party! Teams of players fill their “water cannons” from buckets then fire away at the other players or team! Vests catch the water, and when your vest shows “full,” you’re out until the next game! Click to see more about our Water Tag Parties!

Photo Booth Rentals
Totally Rad can provide you with the amazing Mirror Me Photo Booth, and interactive, fun way to capture your event forever! Interested in adding a photo booth to your booking? Contact Us!

Totally Rad Video Games offers so much more!
Up to 29 can play at once! Our HUGE mobile game theater brings 32 feet of luxurious gaming space, complete with Stadium-Style seating, high ceilings, upgraded twin air conditioning units, laser and neon lighting, and kicking sound.


Totally Rad has the BEST Los Angeles Laser Tag Party!
Photo booth rental for events in Los Angeles
Add an interactive Photo Booth to your event!

Totally Rad Video Games doesn’t just match the competition…we blow it away! We’ve got 15 gaming consoles from XBox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch…we also bring a PlayStation VR Racing Simulator and TWO Oculus Rift VR Stations, complete with the Oculus Rift VR Touch (Hand) Controllers!  It will blow your mind!

We’ve got a PS4 Virtual Reality Racing Simulator!

Totally Rad Video Games
 puts you in the driver’s seat! Your the driver in the race…see, hear and FEEL the action! Put on the headset, grab the wheel, get on the gas pedal and race for the checkered flag!  It’s the next best thing to getting on the track, without any fear of crashing!  There’s excitement around every turn!

We’ve got the Best Video & VR Games!

Totally Rad Video Games brings our luxury video game theater right to you!  We’ve got 8 High-Def Gaming Stations and all the best games, including Minecraft Virtual Reality for Oculus Rift!  We’ve got the gaming that nobody else can bring you! 

The best Laser Tag Party in Los Angeles!

Totally Rad Laser Tag is awesome!  Our high-tech Laser Taggers are accurate day or night, indoors or out! With the most advanced features and realistic “battlefield” sound, we bring “combat” right to your back yard, park, school, or gymnasium!

Stadium Seating, Full Climate Control and our own whisper-quiet generator let us bring the gaming to you wherever you are!  We come to your driveway or curb, your school or church, office parking lot…just about anywhere!

Our Game Coach runs the show while you relax!  Your home stays clean while your guests party and game in a clean, safe, and FUN environment!

It’s all included!

All of our video game parties include:

  • Our luxury game theater with 8 gaming stations, Virtual Reality Racing & more!
  • Dozens of video games to choose from (tailored to party age range)
  • Gaming Consoles from PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, XBox One and Nintendo Switch
  • A Game Coach to run the party and allow you to relax!
  • 8 High-Definition TV’s and 15 Game Consoles let up to 29 play at once!
  • Birthday Parties include custom invitations!

Our Oculus Rift VR parties include :

  • Everything from our standard video game parties
  • Two Oculus Rift Gaming Areas, each with VR Headset & Touch Controllers
  • Virtual Reality Games specifically designed for Oculus Rift VR
  • High-tech Gaming Computers to run Oculus Rift at peak performance

Our Laser Tag parties include :

  • 14 High-Tech Battle Rifle Pro© Laser Taggers
  • Advanced features like scoring and re-spawn
  • A Game Coach/Referee to set up the field and instruct and run games
  • Pop-up “Bunkers” for cover

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